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Baby laundry detergent for sensitive skin

Choosing a laundry detergent for a baby with sensitive skin shouldn’t be a hard decision. Consider what may be causing the irritation. Most baby detergBaby Eczema ents contain scent or fragrance. These scents and residues can cause allergic reactions in infants but may also lead to mild or even severe cases of eczema.
The residue build up from standard baby laundry detergents cause sheets and clothing to become stiff when they dry, then require a fabric softener. All fabric softeners works by lubricating the fabric to make the fibers move freely across each other.
Once your laundry has been washed in standard baby laundry detergent as much as 2% of the fabrics weight is residue left by these laundry products.
Residue in your baby clothes from laundry detergent can cause:
• Decreased or no absorbency
• Irritate your baby’s sensitive skin
• Create the potential for eczema rashes
• Children may Ingest harmful detergent chemicals
• Residue increases flammability of fabrics
• Infant Respiratory allergies
Most, maybe all brands of infant laundry detergent contain brighteners or dye (Ultra Violet Brightening agents. These UV dyes are used to make fabric appear brighter, but can often become a source of irritation to babies sensitive skin.
Take the time to consider that maybe your baby doesn’t care for your current Laundry Products scent. At minimum you should use liquid detergent that doesn’t have a fragrance. If you would like the full benefits of a residue free baby laundry detergent, you should consider using Puraderm Laundry.
Puraderm Laundry contains no scent, no dyes, no brighteners, no lubricants, and no foreign ingredients that could remain in the fabric once it is rinsed. Why does cotton, a naturally soft fiber and most highly doctor recommended fabric for peoples with sensitive skin or eczema, become stiff and irritate skin once it has been washed. Why are people using fabric softeners to fix their stiff cotton clothing? Some individuals may choose to live with these burdens because they like the scent, but you now know that there is a better alternative.
Baby Laundry Detergent
-Puraderm Research Labs

Puraderm Laundry is a 100% residue free product. Residue free is the most important requirement of a detergent for sensitive skin conditions.

Puraderm Laundry contains no brighteners (Brightening Agent). A brightener is a UV activated dye, and a common irritant to sensitive skin.

Puraderm Laundry is the only detergent designed to be used without and never need fabric softener.

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