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Washing and Rinsing Tips for Sensitive Skin or Allergies

Its important when you have sensitive skin or allergies to not only choose products designed for the purpose, but to also modify your habits and routines. You want to be sure that each wash comes out ready for your delicate skin.

The number one mistake most people make is that that they simply use to much product. Most detergents directions already provide more soap per instructions than needed to adequately wash any load.  Extra soap requires more rinsing. If your not successful with a complete rinse that remaining detergent will cause skin irritations. This can be prevented just by using less product.

It is also important to realize the size of your wash load. Most washers understand two things; Small load or large load. This distinction is very important because your treating the volume of water in your machine. A small load may use 5 gallons on the initial fill . A large load may use 10 gallons on the initial fill. Your laundry product only recommends one size,  A scoop or a cap per load.  Well this is the default for a large load of clothes.  So if you are washing smaller loads or perhaps loads that are just not that dirty. Hence washing for the commercial fisherman or washing for the accountant, sometimes we simply use to much soap.

Try cutting the amount of laundry product you use use per wash and see how your wash turns out.  It seems wrong then to assume that all washing machines, water quality, percentage of soiled dirty clothes per wash load, etc. are all the same at every household. So how can your laundry soap make a broad prediction like one scoop per wash load.

Simple changes in routine may help you Sensitive Skin, Eczema, or Allergies



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