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Baby Eczema

When it comes to Baby Eczema Treatment, prevention is the best type of cure….

Baby eczema is very common, yet remains a difficult form of eczema to control and overcome.
We understand what your going through to as parents. Your child’s eczema can often hurt you just as much or more than your baby. Puraderm offers some terrific products that will help you battle your baby’s eczema. By using Puraderm products you can Totally eliminate your baby’s exposure to soap and laundry chemicals.

There are only so many things that a baby comes in constant contact with like clothes and crib sheets. Changes with these areas can make a big difference, because irritation has to start somewhere.
Baby eczema may even come from allergies to formula’s or new foods so you should always seek a doctors advice about diet.
Another point that we like to make is that baby’s seem to put everything in their mouths, If the sheets have laundry chemical scent, or fragrance residue they could be ingesting it, Babies are constantly in contact with harmful residue from scent, or brighteners from soaps and laundry detergent. So consider that next time you enjoy that fresh scent of your current detergent.
We take every step to insure that babies are exposed to as little or no chemicals as possible. Our products are specially designed to rinse 100% from clothes and skin. No other Laundry detergent formulas rinse residue free.
Self tests:

Compare our sample to your current detergent and see the results under a black light (UV Light). The glow you will see comes from Brightening agents or dyes put in by the manufacturer our detergent has none.
If you wash your hands do they have a fragrance? How can your hands be chemical free if they have a chemical scent? You may want to consider Puraderm, Its what you can’t see that causes the irritation.
If you haven’t tried Puraderm, you haven’t tried everything.

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