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Itchy Scalp

Itchy Scalp generally is a problem which results from a number of conditions. The most frequent times we may experience an itchy scalp is during seasonal changes and temperature shifts. During the summer months our scalps produce oils which naturally moisturize the skin. Once the temperature shifts to colder dryer condtions and out sweat glands work less often and the skin begins to dry and itch. However the summer months may also cause the skin to retain so much oil and weight that the scalps abilty to shed as dust is lost and the skin loosens and sloths off in larger flakes. This condition may be refereed to as seborreic dermatitis or dandruff in infants can be referred to as “Cradle Cap”. Another Cause of an itchy scalp may be from be exposure to a foreign substance. Eczema Treatment Products
The most common foreign substances that our scalps may be exposed to is the soaps and shampoos which we use on a daily basis. When choosing a soap or shampoo for an itchy scalp condition, one should consider some factors. Identifying what the source of the irritation should be the first concern and that can and should be determined by your Doctor or dermatologist.
Alls soaps typically leave a residue behind after rinsing. This residue can lead to symtoms of an itchy scalp.
In cases where soap residue is the cause of the scalp irritation. One may consider Puraderm Hair and Body Shampoo. Our soap rinses residue free. After washing and rinsing none of the product signature is left. Scent or fragrance is a great example of a residue. After washing your hands or scalp with a product, if you hands or scalp smell like that product, they have the residue signature on them.
In general if you are looking to avoid an itchy scalp irritation you would want to avoid any products that have scents, Dies, Extracts, Vitamins, or oils. In this process of eliminating potential irritants, any additional ingrediants only further cloud the potential to discover the source of the irritated itchy scalp.
Other products try to push “Natural”, “Free”, “Clear”, but they just don’t have what it takes to be Truly Residue Free.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Skin creams and shampoos, will work better when used with Puraderm Products. Our (No Residue) Formula will remove dirt, oil, and other product residues to help prep the skin and scalp for a more effective application.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We have created a sample pack that allows you to try each of Puraderm’s eczema treatment and skin relief products.
Please understand that each sample will cost us more to produce and ship than we receive from it’s order. Feel confident that if you are not totally satisfied with our eczema treatment products. we will refund your money.
The continued success of our business is based on delivering only the highest quality products to you. Our products work very well and we stand behind them proudly.

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