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Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

All laundry detergents, even the brands designed for sensitive skin, leave some form of residue after rinsing.
Exposure to chemical residues can cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, rash or redness and even eczema.

Laundry detergent chemical residue is the most overlooked cause of sensitive skin reactions, contact dermatitis, MCS, and eczema irritation.
Common laundry chemicals that can leave residues include perfumes, UV brighteners, dyes, carbonates, salts, fillers, enzymes, and even lubricants for your washing machine.

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Chemical residues coat and stiffen fibers and fabrics making your clothes itchy and scratchy so that you must use fabric softener, another major irritation to sensitive skin.
You are exposed to these irritating chemicals 24/7, yet they are frequently over-looked because we are so accustomed to them. The residue left behind in clothes after just 8 washings can add as much as 2% to the weight of the fabric. When the clothes are worn, moisture activates the detergent residue and begins to irritate the sensitive skin. That’s why most skin irritations will begin near regions of the body containing the most sweat glands.

Our laundry detergent leaves absolutely no residues to cause skin irritations
Laundry product marketers seek to distinguish their products by what they leave behind. The problem is, detergents are free to claim they are “Free” or “Free and Clear” without any oversight. We try a few “Free”, “Clear” or “Natural” products, find that they provide no relief, and resolve to live with the irritation.
Fortunately Puraderm Laundry leaves no residue and can often make a difference in the lives of people with chemical sensitivity, eczema, or any other type of sensitive skin condition.

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