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Puraderm Hair and Body (16 oz.)

Puraderm Hair and Body (16 oz.)


Puraderm soap is designed to relieve eczema, MCS, or any type of skin condition by not irritating sensitive skin.


Product Description

puraderm hair and bodyPuraderm Hair and Body is a 100% residue free rinsing soap and shampoo.
We use a surfactant blend that gently penetrates pores and hair follicles. Our cleanser removes dirt, oil, bacteria, and most importantly itself. The product helps reduce irritation to sensitive skin and eczema by rinsing so completely that it leaves nothing to cause irritation.

Puraderm soap was made to be less aggressive, so that it removes your skins natural oils in layers. If washing your hair or hands twice you will notice the soap lathers more each time. For anyone with very dry skin this gives them the ability to use very little soap to preserve their skins moisture. To remove more oil, wash with more soap or even twice to attain the results that work for you.

Because this product actually rinses away completely, you will find that all of your everyday skin creams and medicated topical creams work better. Other soaps leave scents, vitamins, oils, or moisturizers. These unnecessary ingredients leave an invisible residue film that can block or break down skin ointments and topical medications.
Experience the benefits of truly clean skin and a new opportunity for your creams and hair products to do exactly what they were intended.

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Additional Information

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