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Puraderm Skin Sealer 1 Jar (3.5 oz.)

Puraderm Skin Sealer 1 Jar (3.5 oz.)


Puraderm Skin Sealing Wax for dry cracked skin on their hands, feet, and joints. helps retain moisture after washing.


Product Description

Puraderm Skin Sealing Wax
Wax based cream that seals the skin on your hands, feet, joints, and other areas prone to drying out. Puraderm has found a way to hold in your skins natural moisture and seal out bacteria or any other irritations you may be exposed to daily.
This is serious skin care for hard working hands. Puraderm skin sealer will protect hands better than any lotion or cream. Because of the beeswax base the product will last all or most of the day without ever drying your skin. Water based lotions and creams can dry your skin and require repeated application through-out the day.
Skin that has dried and cracked will have a chance to heal because the skin will remain softer and more flexible as though it were just washed, allowing it to heal faster without repeatedly cracking and splitting.
Puraderm skin sealer is a must have for anyone who demands protection for their hands with work; painter, auto mechanic, cook or kitchen staff, and clean-up is a breeze. For anyone who does outdoor activities like Sailing, kayaking, skiing or recreational motorcycling; Protects sensitive skin from getting dry and red from wind burn.

Quick Note: There is a lot of bad info Out There on the Web Some Very good products are overlooked and claimed harmful. Every ingredient or idea with this Product has a negative review somewhere out there. It’s all marketing this is why we provide samples so that people can choose for themselves….Thank you

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Additional Information

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