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Puraderm Ingredient Information

Hello and thank you for taking the time to browse our web site.
We want to be sure that our message about how and why our products are different is understood. Our ingredients may contain chemicals that are claimed to and could be irritating to some people, but we are not offering a list of chemicals that excluded or help only some people. What we have are products that meet one claim. Residue Free, 100% residue free rinsing soap and laundry detergent.

So why Residue Free?
This is the only type of clean that leaves no chemicals to react to.
We take this seriously, this is the difference that makes us better than anything else.
Other similar products claim to be “virtually” or “almost residue” free, but they add dyes, brighteners, and fragrances which all get deposited back in your clothes or on your skin.

To wash something Residue free means that nothing is left by the cleaning product.
Please see our Clemson University Lab test results that compares our product.

Also, because our detergent is truly residue free rinsing, no chemicals are left to stiffen the fabric then require fabric softener. So basically with Puraderm your clothes become cleaner, softer, and less irritating with each wash.

Below is the email template response for your question. We have several people ask us this each week.
Thank you again, I hope that you will try our sample and see the difference first hand.
I look forward to helping with any questions or concerns that you may have.
Sincerely, Martin Gutting

In regard to your questions,
Our Puraderm Hair and Body Shampoo contains.
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Lauramine Oxide
Coconut Diethanolamide
7-Ethyl Bicyclo Oxazolidine

The ingredients Lauramine Oxide, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Coconut Diethanolamide are all types of surfactants (cleansing agents). The Sodium Laureth Sulfate also makes the product produce bubbles. By using multiple surfactants we are able to produce maximum rinsability. The ingredient 7-ethyl bicyclo oxazolidine is a preservative that is used to keep the surfactant fresh because they are all organic, or from a natural source. The water is used to soften the product into a gel.
Laureth Sulfate is not the same as the common soap ingredient known as Laurel Sulfate. Ingredient Dictionary | Statements | Claims

The product does not contain any extra ingredients that will irritate sensitive skin.
Puraderm products were designed rinse away from the skin completely to leave nothing behind.
Because nothing is left on the skin after each wash the effectiveness of the product will not vary over time.
Residue build up from added scent, dyes and other extra ingredient cause other products to become less effective over time.

Our laundry detergent
Ingredients as labeled on bottle (Biodegradable Surfactants, builders. No Phosphates)
Our surfactants are coconut based.
The Word “builder” when referring to our product means, “to build up”. And what we are building up is the PH level. Oils break down easier if the PH is a bit higher or lower. acids seem a bit destructive even in mild levels, so raising the PH is choice when working with soaps and detergent. Our builder is Sodium Bicarbonate.

How we are different from every other product. Our products contain similar chemicals, but what makes ours unique is the rinsability of our chemical combination. After rinsing, our soap and detergent leave no chemical deposits in any form, no scent, no UV dies, no clay or lubricants that act as fabric softeners. and this is why they are so effective in not irritating sensitive skin. We even have lab test results posted to show a comparison in fabric weight change to water and one competitor.

Lab Tests

I hope that you will give us a try, Many people that are looking for ingredients, are looking because they read somewhere that certain ingredients are bad, or can irritate skin. I hope that our explanation of our products will encourage you to try our sample.
Here is another link the tells some studies and reports about different chemicals that have bad reviews.

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